Optical component production process

1.Production facilities analysis and comparison 

2.Test equipments analysis and comparison 

3.Relative facilities analysis and comparison 

4.Factory planning and layout

5.Manpower planning 


7.Scale and capacity analysis 

8.Expansion estimation including: manpower, time, facilities, and budget

Optical system analysis and prototypes

1.Sample fabrication 

2.Optical and opto-mechanical system integrated design 

3.Cost analysis for production

COT owned three optical design and analysis software with fabrication facilities including: optical components fabrication facilities, mechanics facilities, coating facilities, and several optical testing facilities.

Opto-Mechanical component fabrication and consultancy

1.Special hardness components

2.Special shape and high flatness components

3.Super thinness components

4.Low roughness components

Including: cutting, drilling, grinding, and polishing.

Special material fabrication and consultancy

1.Special metal components.

2.Crystal, ceramic, silicon, germanium, silica, sapphire, and other non-metal components.

Quality control process on production line and consultancy

1. Optical components

2.Opto-mechanical components

3.Including: optical and mechanics automation production and testing facilities.