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product description

Control Optics has manufacturing process equipment such as CNC milling machine, CNC cutting machine, lathe, centering machine, forming machine, grinding machine, cutting machine. Large-scale optical grinding machine, large-scale optical polishing machine, UV curing lamination large-scale coating fixture, vacuum tubing assembly, and vacuum leak detection pump. 30 years of experience in processing for optical-grade quartz, ceramic, hard and brittle materials, and metalwork. Specializing in processing with high flatness, high parallelism,high precision surface, and minimize roughness to provide customers with comprehensive technical solution.

Control Optics specializes in processing of cutting, rounding, forming, drilling, grooving, micropore, sand blasting, developing, etching, grinding and polishing for materials such as fused quartz, fused silica, sapphire, soda lime glass, cerimic material, SiC (silicon carbide), ZERODUR ® , CLEARCERAM ®-Z, aluminium-nickel, and hard and brittle materials. Please contact us for more information.

Product features:
  1. Polishing size  of circular products up to 5000 mm in diameter, polishing size of square products up to 3500 mm x 3500 mm.
  2. Parallelism of high-precision  substrate reaches arc second grade, with flatness up to 2 μm (depending on different materials, scales, shapes, and thickness).
  3. Groovewidth of small-scale substrate may be as small as 300 μm, with groove depth up to 200 μm.
  4. Fused silica has the feature of low expansion coefficient, with more durable shape compared to ordinary glass.
  5. Also has the high transmission, reducing energy loss in UV band.
  6. Precision grinding and polishing processing may also be performed for rectangular substrate with aspect ratio more than 300:1.
  7. Ventilation channel and tubing may be fixed with lamination process.
  8. Electroless nickel plating may be performed on surface of aluminum substrate and optical-grade aluminum reflector, grinding and polishing electroless nickel before coating.
  9. Electroless nickel plating may be performed on surface of the materials commonly used in metallic die core, then grinding and polishing electroless nickel into optical surface.
  10. Metallic ultraprecision processing may be applied to metalworks, using the processing of turning and milling on optical surface.