Control Optics provides comprehensive customized services,include:

product reverse engineering, optical system design, tolerance analysis. Optical machinery design, optical component design , mold manufacturing, lens grinding, lens polishing, lens centering , optical coating, lens assembly, lens system performance testing, optical path calibration and testing. Reconstruction, luminance enhancement of UV exposure system, spectrum testing for dry etching equipment, metallic ultraprecision processing, and renovation of laser lens, etc. 
In addition to the abovementioned service, we also provide services such as turn key export, technical counselling, transfer, design and planning for processing equipment, etc.


Product Categories from Control Optics (by product):

1、Optical Component:


Plano-convex lenses, double-convex lenses, plano-concave lenses, double-concave lenses, meniscus lenses, aspheric lenses, achromatic lenses, cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses, Fresnel lenses, lens array, fly-eye lenses, micro lenses, Ge infrared lenses, Si infrared lenses, ZnS infrared lenses, ZnSe infrared lenses, CaF2 infrared lenses, MgF2 infrared lenses, UV fused silica lenses,  UV sapphire lenses, and customized lenses.

Commonly used materials:

Fused Silica、Synthetic Quartz 、BK7、Ge、Sapphire、Si、ZnS、ZnSe、CaF2、MgF2、Chalcogenide glass,OHARA、SCHOTT、CORNING、Sumita、CDGM、NHG、Optical glass from various leading brands.


High-precision standard plate, high-energy laser line windows, UV windows, IR windows, visible light windows, sapphire windows for etching equipment, sapphire windows for 308 nm laser annealing process, bulletproof viewfinder window of tank, and customized windows.

Commonly used materials:

Fused Silica、Synthetic Quartz 、BK7、B270、Borofloat、D263T、Eagle XG、Soda-lime glass、Soda-lime glass、Ge、Sapphire、Si、ZnS、ZnSe、CaF2、MgF2,OHARA、SCHOTT、CORNING、Optical glass from various leading brands such as ASAHI GLASS, NIPPON SHEET GLASS, and NIPPON ELECTRIC GLASS.


Mirror for astronomical telescope, high-precision spherical and parabolic mirrors for astronomical telescope, 1/20λ high-precision flat mirrors, flat mirrors, convex (diverging) mirrors, concave (focusing) mirrors, IR mirrors, UV mirrors, cold mirrors, metallic mirrors, aspheric mirrors, laser mirrors, dielectric mirrors, large scale cold mirrors, 4000 mm large-scale glass mirrors, UV curing aspheric mirror, and customized mirrors.

Commonly used materials:

Fused Silica、Synthetic Quartz 、Zerodur、BK7、B270、Borofloat、D263T、Eagle XG、Soda-lime glass,OHARA、SCHOTT、CORNING、Optical glass from various leading brands such as ASAHI GLASS, NIPPON SHEET GLASS, and NIPPON ELECTRIC GLASS.


Plate beamsplitters, cube beamsplitters, laser-line  beamsplitters, polarizing and non-polarizing beamsplitters, rectangle beamsplitters, head-up display  for aviation, automotive head-up display, and customized beamsplitters.

Commonly used materials:

Fused Silica、Synthetic Quartz 、BK7、B270、Borofloat、D263T、Eagle XG、Soda-lime glass、Soda-lime glass、OHARA、SCHOTT、CORNING、 Optical glass from various leading brands such as ASAHI GLASS、 NIPPON SHEET GLASS、and NIPPON ELECTRIC GLASS.


Bandpass filters, narrow bandpass filters, long pass filters, short pass filters, low-pass filters, notch filters, dichroic filters, neutral density filters, polarizing filters, customized filters, absorptive filters, and blue glass.

Commonly used materials:

Fused Silica、Synthetic Quartz 、BK7、B270、Borofloat、D263T、Eagle XG、Soda-lime glass,HOYA、OHARA、SCHOTT、Optical glass from various leading brands.


Cube beamsplitter, right angle prism, pentagonal prisms, dove prism, homogenizing rods, retro reflectors, and customized prisms.

Commonly used materials:

Fused Silica、Synthetic Quartz 、BK7、Ge、Sapphire、Si、ZnS、ZnSe、CaF2、MgF2、Chalcogenide glass,OHARA、SCHOTT、CORNING、Sumita、CDGM、NHG、Optical glass from various leading brands.

(7)Reflector (Oval Mirror)

Converging mirrors, reflective bowls, reflector for exposure system, and bowls, Reflector

Commonly used materials:

Borosilicate glass, metallic materials

(8)High-precision substrate

Fused silica window for plasma cleaning system, diffusion plate, fused quartz substrate, fused silica substrate, BK7 substrate, B270 substrate, borosilicate glass substrate, soda lime glass substrate, sapphire substrate, heat-resistant glass substrate, silicon substrate, low expansion glass ceramic substrate, Wafer preheat plate. 

(9)Optical components for semiconductor, PCB,and TFT LCD exposure system
  • Reflector (Oval mirror).
  • Fly-eye lenses for exposure system, lens array for exposure system.
  • Cold mirrors for exposure system.
  • Filters for exposure system.
  • Lenses for exposure system.
  • Mirror for exposure system.
  • Ultra-large-scale curved reflecting mirrors for exposure system.
  • Parabolic mirrors for mercury lamp.
  • Optical Filter.
  • Heat-absorbing filter, heat insulation filter,.
  • Aspheric mirror.
  • Uniformity correction module (Unicom), and Digital Gradient Filter (DGF) for semiconductor ASML exposure machine
(10)Parts and accessories for UV exposure system
  • Vacuum base -Quartz or tempered glass
  • Ultra-large-scale vacuum base for ODF panel lamination process 
  • Porous ceramic base, renovation for porous ceramic base
  • Slide rail module for filters
  • PLC controller for sliding rail
  • Shutter 
  • Fused silica window for plasma cleaning

2、Subcontract for processing and manufacturing of glasses, ceramics, piezoelectric materials, hard and brittle materials, and metallic materials:

Processing for grinding and polishing of ultra-large 4000mm glass base, glass cutting processing (diamond cutting laser processing),rounding processing for glass lenses, lens centering processing, glass chamfering, grinding and polishing for glass lenses, optical coating, glass CNC cutting , glass sand blasting processing, glass groove processing, glass drilling processing, glass micro-holes processing, glass lithography/etching  processing, ceramic processing, piezoelectric materials processing, hard and brittle materials processing, metallic materials ultraprecision processing, processing for wafer preheat plate.

3、Lens products:

Telecentric coaxial lenses,uniform- projection lenses and optical fiber projection lenses for AOI equipment, microscope objective lenses for DUV laser repair, microscope objective lenses for Nd-YAG laser marker, laser cutting lenses, medical lenses, WEE (Wafer Edge Exposure) lenses for UV exposure system, fly-eye lens for UV exposure system, inspecting lenses for AOI equipment, CCD telephoto lenses, collimating lenses, magnifiers, lenses for exposure system, optical lenses for UV curing machine, laser parallel light para-position alignment lenses, aspheric lenses for UV LED, sniperscope, dispersion lenses, endoscopic lenses, temperature sensor lenses, night vision goggle, laser transceiver lens sets, lenses for range finder, lenses for scanner, laser beam expander lenses, condenser lenses, fiber coupling lenses, periscope, wide-angle lenses, inspection lenses for PCB drilling,targeting lens for tanks, and customized lenses.

4、Light source and optical equipment:

  1. UV LED collimated light module
  2. UV LED diffusing light module
  3. Exposure module for mercury lamp
  4. Dual light-source concentrative solar simulator
  5. 150W halogen lamp for visual inspection 
  6. 250W LED lamp for visual inspection 
  7. 350W halogen lamp for visual inspection 

5、Vacuum base: (size up to ultra-large-4000mm scale)

  1. For semiconductor industry: Vacuum base made from quartz materials and ceramic materials.
  2. For PCB industry: Tempered glass for exposure system, quartz vacuum glass frame.
  3. For LCD industry: Ultra-large-scale MASK BASE for ODF process.
  4. For LED industry: Quartz and ceramic chuck.
  5. For touch panel industry: quartz vacuum base for UV curing.
  6. Glass base for AOI equipment.
  7. Glass base for measuring instrument.

6、Other products:

Coating dome optical coating jig and fixture, quartz optical fiber, liquid optical fiber, reflector processing, mold core grinding and polishing processing, mold manufacturing, AOI light source, wafer preheat plate, etc.