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Laser-line windows are used in laser application. High-power excimer laser has extremely high requirement for precision in surface processing. The UV fused silica may be used for laser optical windows, all quality materials have been carefully selected, we perform strict control on surface roughness and irregularity of the substrate during polishing processing, therefore producing the substrate with high heat-stability, high durability and low wave front distortion.

The laser-grade high quality mirrors have the highest S/D up to 10-5 surface quality, offering customized AR coating to provide the best transmission in the designated band. The dielectric coating binding on surface of the substrate is able to tolerate the extremely high threshold of laser damage. All products are suitable to be used with various types of laser sources, minimizing scattering loss, and providing excellent performance in durability.

Laser-Line Windows Specifications

Material BK7、Borofloat Borosilicate glass、Fused silica、Pyrex Borosilicate glass、Fused silica、Sapphire、Customer-designated materials 
Diameter(Φ) 10mm~500mm
  Low grade General grade High grade
Diameter tolerance ±0.1mm ±0.05mm ±0.01mm
Surface quality 40/20 20/10 10/5
Parallelism 30’ 15’ 5”
Surface flatness 1/4λ@ 633nm λ/10 @ 633nm λ/20 @ 633nm

Thickness tolerance

±0.8mm ±0.5mm ±0.1mm

Damage Threshold

2J/cm2,10ns 4J/cm2,10ns 10J/cm2,10ns