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Control Optics specializes in manufacturing optical mirrors of various specifications, mirror product categories and types of coating as follows:


(1)Flat mirrors
(2)Diverging (Convex) mirrors
(3)Focusing (Concave) mirrors
(4)IR mirrors, UV mirrors
(5)Aspheric mirrors, parabolic mirrors
(6)Laser mirrors
(7)Customized specialty mirrors

Coating types for mirrors:

A. Metallic mirror coatings

(A) Aluminum mirror coating + protective
(B) Aluminum mirror coating + enhanced
The multilayer dielectric layer plated on aluminum mirror coating aims to enhance the reflection for visible or UV band. The enhanced aluminum coating is especially suitable for application in 250-400 nm and 400-700 nm for more strict requirements. Furthermore, multilayer dielectric coating also provides better protection and durability for aluminum coating, enabling surface coating of the components easy to be cleaned.

(C) Silver mirror coating + protective
(D) Silver mirror coating + enhanced protective
(E) Gold mirror coating + protective 

B. Dielectric mirror coatings
Control Optics provides beamsplitter coatings for various substrates or customized spectrum, products include plate beamsplitters, cube beamsplitters, film beamsplitters, laser-line beamsplitters, polarizing beamsplitters, non-polarizing beamsplitters, and customized beamsplitters.