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Quartz base – Professional manufacturer in quartz-material substrate

Forming for quartz substrate /quartz-material vacuum bases consists of manufacturing processes. Such as CNC forming, optical grinding, optical polishing, lamination, metal mechanical parts, and vacuum ubing assembly. , Quartz-material base products with outstanding quality are produced through conscientious and careful manufacturing procedures.

Control Optics acquires years of experience in quartz bases with high flatness, high parallelism, and high surface accuracy, cooperating with various leading optoelectronic manufacturers in semiconductor, panel, and PCB, providing customers with total solutions. Please contact us for your requirements.

Product features:

  1. Polishing size of circular products up to 5000 mm in diameter, polishing size of square products up to 3500 mm x 3500 mm.
  2. For visible band products, optical glass may be used as material for production of high-precision substrate.
  3. Quartz-material substrate are suitable to be used in UV band, possessing the feature of high transmission of UV band, remarkably reducing UV energy loss.
  4. Fused silica has the feature of low expansion coefficient, with more durable shape compared to ordinary glass 
  5. Parallelism of high-precision substrate reaches arc second grade, with flatness up to 2 μm (depending on different materials, scales, shapes, and thickness).
  6. Groove width of small-scale substrate may be as small as 300 μm, with groove depth up to 200 μm
  7. Polishing processing may be applied togroove of large-size substrate.
  8. Grinding and polishing processing may also be performed for rectangular substrate.
  9. Ventilation channel and tubing may be fixed with lamination process.