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Product features:
  1. Optical features:Transmission more than 98% after UV AR coating .
  2. Specifications and sizes may be revised according to various situations of ptical design. 
  3. High surface accuracy and dimension precision.
  4. Good heat resistance.
  5. Design and manufacturing according to specifications, luminance and size requirements by customers.
Product application: (The abovementioned applications are focused only on the homogenization of light and energy.)
  1. Luminance homogenization for projectors
  2. Exposure energy homogenization for semiconductor exposure system
  3. Exposure energy homogenization for PCB exposure system
  4. Exposure energy homogenization for LCD exposure system
  5. Luminance homogenization for solar simulator

Lens Specifications

Material BK7,Quartz, Borosilicate glass, Optical glass, Customer-designated materials
Diameter(Φ) 30x30mm~600x600mm 
Radius(R) Specified by customer
Chamfer Specified by customer
Coating Specified by customer
  Low grade General grade High grade
Diameter tolerance +/-0.2 0 0
Surface quality 120-80 60-40、80-50 10-5、20-10、40-20
Surface accuracy 1/2λ 1/4λ
Radius tolerance (ΔR) R/300 R/500 R/1000
Central Thickness(Tc) +/-0.1 +/-0.05mm +/-0.01
Edge Thickness(Te) +/-0.1 +/-0.05mm +/-0.01
Clear Aperture 0.8 0.85 0.9
Centration 5' 3' 30''