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Control optics supplies customized beamsplitters made from various flat glass or prism ,products including flat beamsplitters, cube beamsplitters, film beamsplitters, laser beamsplittrers, polarizing beamsplitters, non-polarizing beamsplitters, and designated beamsplitters.


Material BK7、B270、Borofloat Borosilicate glass、Pyrex Borosilicate glass、Synthetic Quartz 、Fused silica、D263T、Eagle XG、Soda-lime glass、Soda-lime glass、Ge、Si、Sapphire、OHARA、SCHOTT、CORNING、materials from various leading brands including ASAHI GLASS, NIPPON SHEET GLASS, NIPPON ELECTRIC GLASS, and customer designated materials
Diameter(Φ) 2mm~700mm
  Low grade General grade High grade
Diameter tolerance +/-0.5 ±0.1mm ±0.05mm
Surface quality 80/50 60/40 20/10
Parallelism 3' 1' 30''
Surface flatness 2λ@ 633nm 1λ @ 633nm λ/4@ 633nm
Thickness tolerance +/-0.2 ±0.1mm ±0.02mm
Coating Multilayer dielectric coating
Specified by customer
Multilayer dielectric coating
Specified by customer