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Control Optics acquires years of experience in processing of optical grade windows with high flatness, high parallelism, and high surface precision, specializing in processing for various customized windows to provide customers with comprehensive technical solution.

Processing items include manufacturing processes such as rounding, trimming, edge grinding, drilling, CNC forming of various shapes, optical grinding, optical polishing, chemical tempering, physical tempering, UV cemented glass parts, UV cemented glass + metal parts and vacuum tubing assembly. Please feel free to contact us for your requirements of customized or high-precision products. 

Product features:

  1. Polishing scale of circular products up to 5000 mm in diameter and , square products up to 3500 mm x 3500 mm.
  2. Inventory of high-quality UV grade fused silica makes short lead time possible. 
  3. Parallelism of high-precision substrate reaches arc second grade, with flatness up to 2 μm (depending on different materials, scales, shapes, and thickness).
  4. Groove width of small-scale substrate may be as small as 300 μm, with groove depth up to 200 μm.
  5. Polishing processing can be applied to grooves of large-scale substrate .
  6. Precision grinding and polishing processing may also be performed for rectangular substrate with aspect ratio more than 4:1.


Windows Specifications

Material BK7、B270、Borofloat Borosilicate glass、Pyrex Borosilicate glass、Synthetic Quartz 、Fused silica、D263T、Eagle XG、Soda-lime glass、Soda-lime glass、Sapphire、OHARA、SCHOTT、CORNING、materials from various leading brands including ASAHI GLASS, NIPPON SHEET GLASS, NIPPON ELECTRIC GLASS, and customer designated materials.
Diameter(Φ) 1mm~5000mm
Radius(R) Specified by customer
  Low grade General grade High grade
Diameter tolerance ±0.5mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Surface quality 80/50 60/40 10/5
Surface accuracy 1/2λ 1/10λ
Thickness tolerance ±0.2mm ±0.1mm ±0.01mm
Clear aperture 85% 90% 100%
Parallelism 3’ 1’ 15’
Coating Multilayer dielectric coating
Specified by customer
Multilayer dielectric coating
Specified by customer
Multilayer dielectric coating
Specified by customer