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IR & UV Lenses

Control Optics specializes in processing for IR band and UV band, possessing years of experience in material processing, such as UV grade fused silica, fused silica in NIR (1μm~2 μm), sapphire and Si used in 3 μm~5 μm, as well as Ge, Si, CaF2, MgF2, ZnS, and ZnSe(8 μm~14 μm).

Lens Specifications

Material BK7、Borosilicate glass、B270、UV Grade Fused Silica、Sapphire、Ge、Si、CaF2、MgF2、ZnS、ZnSe、Optical glass、Customer-designated materials 
Diameter 2mm~1000mm
Radius specified by customer
Chamfer specified by customer
Coating Multilayer Dielectronic Coating
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating
specified by customer
  Low grade General grade High grade
Diameter tolerance +/-0.2 +0/-0.1 +0/-0.01
Surface quality 120-80 60-40、80-50 10-5、20-10、40-20
Parallelism 3' 1' 10''
Surface accuracy 1/2λ 1/10λ
Radius tolerance(ΔR) R/300 R/500 R/1000
Central Thickness(Tc) +/-0.1 +/-0.05mm +/-0.01
Edge Thickness(Te) +/-0.1 +/-0.05mm +/-0.01
Clear Aperture 85% 90% 100%
Centration 5' 3' 30''